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Worst Piece of Safety Gear!

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

We saw this online and couldn’t believe our eyes! ¬†The Safety Officer among us had to write a blog on it.


That is a link to an avalanche beacon that is different from all other avy beacons. ¬†How you ask? ¬†It does not receive. ¬†It’s just a transmitter.

That might sound ok if you haven’t used one before, however, it’s missing one important option: the ability to receive the signal from the people in your group that get caught in an avalanche. ¬†Imagine- a group of skiers go into the back country. ¬†Everyone has their “Snow-Be” on and they’re all thinking, “Yay! We have avalanche beacons on. ¬†Let’s go find some fresh powder.” ¬†However, on your way to the mecca of pow, an avalanche wipes out half your group. ¬†The remaining half thinks, don’t worry, we have our “Snow-Bes” on. ¬†You pull out your shovel and probe and get ready to dig your suffocating friends out. ¬†Oh damn. ¬†I have no way of locating them. ¬†Shoot.

Ok, we’ll admit, we laughed at it. ¬†I mean, it’s pretty entertaining, unless your friends are in need of rescue and you don’t have the ability to find them. ¬†We imagine this is going to be marketed for skiers that don’t go into the backcountry and just want a ‘piece of mind’ in case there is an in-bounds avalanche. ¬†That is the only¬†plausible¬†use for this device. ¬†However, you shouldn’t be skiing anywhere there is a chance of avalanche without going through an avalanche course and having the proper equipment (shovel, probe, and transceiver). ¬†But that’s usually not necessary in-bounds.

We agree- it sounds like a way to take money from people uneducated about avalanches and could potentially encourage people to go into avalanche conditions woefully unprepared.

Be Safe- if you want to ski the backcountry, take a course, get quality gear, and go with people who are experienced. ¬†It’s an awesome way to see the outdoors when done correctly!!

“Climb High, Fly Low” -RM