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Our New Project: The USAF 50 Summits Challenge

America has more adventures awaiting you than you can experience in a lifetime. Each time you lace up your boots and head into the nature, you take a step towards a healthier mental and physical state. ¬†So we figured, why spend a ton of money and time heading overseas for outdoor adventures when we can lead trips right here in our own beautiful land. ¬†That also means more military members and their families will be able to take part in these life enhancing experiences. ¬†After climbing the famed Seven Summits of the world, we have moved on to a new project, the USAF 50 Summits Challenge. ¬†The goal: get Airmen to the summit of each state’s highest point and boost healthy coping skills.

This project¬†has been going on for¬†a little over one year and has been a great success. ¬†If you are interested in taking part in a hike of your state’s highest point, or perhaps you want to help support the program, then visit www.USAF50Summits.com. ¬†We are also on Facebook and Twitter!

Team on Summit

US Airmen proudly stand together on the summit of Mt. Hood, Oregon’s highest point. Aug 2015.

Summit Group Photo

US Airmen pose with the American and USAF flags at Washington DC’s highest point. June 2014.

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