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Back to Base Camp

After a very successful acclimatization trip up to Camp 2 the team descended back to base camp today.  They made the descent through the icefall with a sense of urgency.  Up at 4 am and on the trail by 5 the team made it back to base camp in just a few hours.  They made the early start in the cold morning to minimize the risk of warmer temperatures later in the day that can result in increased avalanche activity and potential for icefall.

Rob reports the team to be strong and working together really well.

Up at Camp 2, while the team was adjusting to the thin air, the Stars and Stripes waved from a ¬†perch high on a rock over the camp.¬†¬†Nick Gibson proved once again why PJs are an asset¬†to every team by¬†tending to a climber¬†from another team in need of medical attention.¬† Way to go Nick.¬† We’re proud of you for taking care of others!

Next the team will take¬†4 rest days at base camp.¬† If we’re lucky they may be able to hike down one of those days and upload some photos.¬† After this rest period the team will make their second acclimatization trip by moving all the way from BC to Camp 2 and then¬†up to Camp 3.¬† This will be the highest they go until the summit bid.¬† After this they’ll descend again and position themselves for the big push all the way to the top!

-Mark U.

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