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29 MAR: Los Angeles Team Meet Up

Alright! Here’s our first blog post on the road. The team (minus Maj Malcolm Schongalla, Capt Kyle Martin, and Dr Edie Marshall– who are all flying east) linked up at Los Angeles Int’l before catching a flight to Kathmandu via Hong Kong. We’ve included a photo. Not the best, but we’re seeing how well a blog post from an iPhone will look. What do you think?

We’ll be using a satellite system (BGAN) tied into a small net book. Our blogs will be longer and more detailed when using that. We’ll also make a few phone calls to the blog so you can hear from the different climbers, wounded warriors and trekkers.

It is almost 1am Pacific Time. Thats 4am to a few of us, so energy levels are dipping. But its about 2pm in Nepal, so we are staying awake until a regular bed time down range.

Behind me the team members are getting to know each other. Many had never met before, but all have enough shared experiences that it doesn’t take long to break past shyness and kick it like old friends. That is one of the major strengths of this USAF 7 Summits team- we bring men and women from all over the nation/world and put them into a tight team atmosphere. We often skip the “storming” stage and go right into “norming”.

By the time we leave our 12hr Hong Kong layover, the transformation from a group of Airmen to a team of friends will have progressed significantly.

The plane is starting to board and I want to join in on the story swapping behind me, so it’s time to sign off.

See you all in Hong Kong… a 15hr flight!! Ouch!!

–Climb High–

Rob M

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