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21 Jul: Camp Muir Morning

Good Morning! All 12 climbers are happily enjoying breakfast at Camp Muir. We are snow camping at 10,000ft and the weather couldn’t be better: little wind, clear skies, peaks galore in the distance. The visibility is excellent.

Majs Marshall, Muller and Uberuaga were up at 6:45 to make hot water, breakfast burritos and quesadillas for our climbers. It was actually a vey leisurely morning to drink hot cocoa and coffee, enjoy the sun’s arc into the blue sky and smile at the accomplishment of everyone making it up here with heavy packs in hot weather.

Yesterday was a good day on the mountain. The climb from Paradise was hot- lots of sweat and sun exposure wore people out, but the camaraderie made it much easier. At each rest break we’d read a quote or book passage to help each of us make the most of this day: being aware of our thoughts (both positive and negative), breathing in the fresh and invigorating mountain air, asking ourselves how we can grow and lean as an individual during the next few days, and remembering to smile at this great experience even when the going gets tough.

Our Wounded Warriors are doing great- their packs were heavy but they kicked some butt. Even though they are SpecOps guys, this traditional mountaineering is a new experience and the smiles on their faces confirms how much they’re enjoying it.

We are done with breakfast and now putting on gear to practice self-arrest (stopping yourself if you fall on snow/ice), crampon skills and crevasse travel/rescue.

We’ll give an update this evening with photos of the training. After that, it’s off to bed early before we leave at midnight on our operation to reach the summit.

“Climb High, Fly Low”

-Maj Rob Marshall