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1 Jun: Post-Everest Media Coverage

Fox News Interview


Happy Saturday everyone! It’s the first full weekend the team has been back in America and we’re all doing well. As you can imagine, the Everest climbers are recovering from their awesome, yet taxing, adventure. I was surprised at how much sleep my body was demanding from me. Even a few days after getting home, my dreams were still about Mt. Everest and trying to climb it. Clearly my mind and body would need a few days to spin-down from the intense experience. Plus, my hunger is through the roof- my body wants to get back to its happy weight, so everything looks appetizing right now. ¬†It sounds like the rest of the team has been feeling the same, but that hasn’t stopped us from getting back to work!

We wanted to get a blog post up¬†summarizing some of¬†the excellent media coverage we’ve received since the successful Everest climb. From national cable news to local papers, the word is spreading about this positive and patriotic event. The team and I are hoping this is just the beginning and there is more to come. Just like each man and woman serving in the Air Force, our climbers have a compelling personal story that we hope will inspire and motivate all who hear it. So fingers crossed we can continue to share this experience with Americans of all walks of life. ¬†

Here are links to some of the top stories/interviews currently out:

Fox News “Happening Now” Interview: Interview:

Seattle Times:

Air Force Times:

Stars and Stripes:

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Bismark Tribune:

Don’t worry- we have more blog posts coming. ¬†I’d like to talk about some of the ways this climb has tied into Air Force goals: risk management, physical fitness, and mental health/resiliency. ¬†These mean a lot to me and the team, so I think you’ll like what we’ve got in store. ¬†Also, we’re considering the next step for the USAF 7 Summits Challenge. ¬†Involving more wounded/injured Airmen and helping get them into the mountains is important to us. ¬†So we’re throwing around the idea of a Wounded Warrior climb of Mt. Rainier this summer. ¬†More to come on that too.

“Climb High, Fly Low” ¬†– Rob Marshall