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Beaten down, but not broken

We had hoped Rob might be able to post a new blog last night, now that the team is back in Katmandu. We may see one later tonight (once everyone wakes up in Nepal), but for now we can at least report that everyone has made it back to some semblance of a normal existence. The team hiked 40 miles in 18 hours to catch their flight, proving that the promise of a hot shower is strong motivator, even when your body is beaten down by weeks of living at high altitude, restless sleep, and limited appetite. Rob reports that they are a pretty sorry looking group. (Except for the beards, of course…those are looking good, with Nick Gibson and Marshall Klitzke bordering on world-class!) They will no doubt feel better after a few days of sleeping in a real bed and breathing thicker air.

We’ll keep you posted as the team makes it’s way back to the States. We hope to arrange for the team to get out to some Air Force bases to tell their story to fellow Airmen, and they may even get some invites from major media outlets to tell a good-news story for a change. But whatever the news coverage, we always owe a big debt to all of you who followed this epic journey here on our blog, and cheered on the team!

Here’s a picture posted earlier to our Facebook page, of Rob, Kyle, Drew and Marshall at Base Camp after the climb. As you can see from the smiles, the bodies may be hurting, but the spirits are strong!

Base Camp with beer