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The Long Road Home

The team is on the road home. They were all eager to depart the barren world of Base Camp for greener pastures. You can still track their progress on the GPS tracking link; they are making good time down the Khumbu valley. After all they have a plane to catch! Rob was able to send out the photo below, taken with his iPhone at Camp 4 on the South Col. Summit photos were on another camera, and he promised to send those as soon as he could download them and send them out.

Although their spirits are high, the weeks at high altitude have taken their toll. Rob is still battling a bad chest infection and hacking cough, and many of the team have sunburn, bloodshot eyes, and cracked or bleeding toes. As Rob put it “the mountain put up a good fight.” Everyone made an effort to pack on some pounds before this trip, and most have lost 11-17% of their body weight….40 lbs in Kyle Martin’s case. They are all struggling to hold their pants up.

The team will spend the night in the town of Phorste, and Rob has promised more photos tonight if he can get them out.

Marshall, Nick, Colin, Rob, and Drew at Camp 4 on thre South Col, 26,000'

Marshall, Nick, Colin, Rob, and Drew at Camp 4 on thre South Col, 26,000′