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Return to Base Camp

The team reached Everest Base Camp last night (about 10am Nepal time), after their final crossing of the treacherous Khumbu Icefall. When they first arrived here on their trek six weeks ago, the air at 16,500′ seemed very thin, and the camp was teeming with climbers. By now, many of those climbers have packed their bags and begun the long journey home, leaving base camp a smaller, quieter place. Within a day or two, Rob, Kyle, Nick, Marshall, Colin and Drew will begin that trek as well. This time, it will be a relatively gentle downhill hike for these guys who have acclimatized their bodies to extreme elevation. After six weeks in a world completely devoid of vegetation, surrounded by ice and rock, they will relish the lush surroundings of the lower Khumbu. And of course, they will return to such luxuries as an internet connection, so they can catch up with the many friends and family who have been following their progress. Let’s give them a warm welcome back to the world.