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Back at Camp 4

Rob checked in about an hour ago to report that the team was just below the Balcony on descent.  The team were among the first dozen or so to summit today, so on descent there were many climbers still ascending, but at a slower pace.  The team is taking their time and being patient, as they have to work around people on the fixed ropes.  Rob said he had managed to drink some tea on the Balcony (enjoying the view, no doubt) and was feeling reinvigorated by that.  Since there is still plenty of daylight, the team plans to rest briefly at Camp 4 and rehydrate, and then descend the fixed ropes on the Lhotse Face to Camp 2.  Rappelling down the face will be much easier than climbing up, but they will have to wait for an opportunity as other climbers will be making ascents to Camps 3 and 4.  Still, getting down lower will greatly improve their chances of good night’s rest.  The air down at 21,000’ should feel like a day at the beach compared to the summit!


Those who have followed the USAF 7 Summits Challenge know that the team has a tradition of doing pushups on the summit of each peak they climb, and this was no exception.  Rob Marshall knocked out an incredible 30 pushups in 30 seconds, at 29,000’, without oxygen!  (That might just earn him a waiver from his annual PT test.)


The track is  now showing them back at Camp 4.  Please keep your thoughts and prayers with the team as they continue the descent.

Camp 4 on the South Col. Photo courtesy of

Camp 4 on the South Col. Photo courtesy of