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15 May: Rest Day at Camp 2

Just got word from Rob Marshall. The team is in place at Camp 2 and will be resting today and making final prep for tomorrow’s move to Camp 3. Meanwhile, some of the Sherpas are carrying loads to the South Col to position supplies for the summit push. Rob reports warn and sunny weather…it was windy yesterday up at Camp 3, but they were able to see a long line of climbers heading to Camp 4. That’s good news for our team, as it means less of a crowd when they make their push. And the number of climbers heading up reflects the favorable forecast for diminishing winds in the days ahead.

For those that are wondering about that final leg of the journey from Camp 4 on the South Col, we’ve included a photo courtesy of the good folks at IMG showing the highlights of the route. (Check out the IMG website at for even more great pictures!)

By tomorrow evening (CONUS time) the team should be on the move to Camp 3. Stay tuned!

View of the route from the South Col to the summit.  Photo by Greg Vernovage / IMG.